Corina Ghiatau: Beyond Design Thinking

  1. What is Design Thinking?

How many times you have been engaged in trying to solve a problem in a team and yet most of the time was being spent in counter- creative behaviors such as over-explaining or over-defending own ideas, dismissing others’ inputs, jumping to solutions without fully understanding the problem, ego fights or even daydreaming? Design thinking is a powerful tool for effective problem solving and for releasing the creative potential of a team. It is normally used in product design, engineering, business. But why not using it in HR initiatives and in promoting new ways of working in a company?

I am an innovation process facilitator and a coach, and in the past 10 years I’ve been working in Organizational Development field, testing and promoting cutting edge methodologies from Marketing or business in HR. Before having these roles I was a kid who had a bold wish – to erase from the humanity’s consciousness the idea of war so I used to daydream a lot and perfect a very complex solution for that. Today, I am passionate about the quality of life, whether we are talking about private or professional sides. And design thinking is one of the tools through which I help companies bringing empathy and creativity into the workplace design, into the HR programs and into the employee experience.

  1. How do you see the impact of Design Thinking in you line of work?

My own definition of DT is a tool which can help an HR department to evolve from engaging people as only pairs of hands or brains to engaging them as whole human beings (brains, hands and hearts) and this is a new era of HR evolution of which I am going to talk about at DT forum.

  1. A message for companies reluctant to Design Thinking:

If your company is still reluctant to design thinking, I suggest to have a very mindful approach as it can mean several things: either it sounds too complex or fancy, either the leaders do not understand clearly its potential to bring them the results they are chasing and even more. Evolution is not always comfortable, and I would be interested not only in what an organization accepts easily but also in the things that the company as a system rejects. Most of the time it’s a sort of immune system which, like in biology, is trying to protect the status quo. And it doesn’t matter that it’s called DT or innovation or another cool name. The question is: do you want disruptive solutions that are accepted by people, promoted by people, and even designed by your people who at the end of the process will most probably have a new mindset, will be more engaged and more together as a team? If yes, try DT, it’s just a different tool for different results.



Corina Ghiatau’s workshop, on September 18th, is already sold out, but you can join the conference on September 19th and explore the very diverse perspectives on Design Thinking, from experts of the field.

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